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Why Kingston People Should Not Worry About Bad Credit While Buying A Vehicle

Why Kingston People Should Not Worry About Bad Credit While Buying A Vehicle

Are you looking for an excellent car with favourable financial terms in Kingston? Do you have bad credit? Fret not because we’ve got you covered with our top-notch car financing services. At 401 Auto RV, our main objective is to offer the best finance options and interest rates that you deserve. Just know that bad things happen to good people, and thus we help our customers with all types of credits.

We provide all credit auto loans in Kingston so our customers can select a vehicle that suits their requirements. Our concept is simple: we treat you the same way as other customers even if you have bad credit- we won’t put you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable or pressurizes you.

We specialize in car financing for customers with bad credit in Ontario. We finance all makes and models and have a reputation for providing the top quality cars at the most affordable rates.

How do you get an auto loan in Kingston with bad credit?

With us, it’s very easy! First, we help you get approved with all types of credit through our easy and quick online application system. We then hook you up with a dealership in Kingston that is an expert in approving and financing bad credits. We know that you’ve been declined an auto loan because of bad credit because most of the dealerships in Ontario don’t approve car loans for bad credit. However, we have partnered with those dealers who are professional and experts in handling all types of credit situations.

You can apply here to get an auto loan with bad credit in Kingston. Our online application service is free and takes hardly 3 minutes to complete. We only ask for relevant information to help you get approved for the auto loan.

The following are the steps needed to get an auto loan:

  • Choose a vehicle
  • Select your monthly budget
  • Select your estimated credit rating
  • Choose your employment status
  • Other information required for getting an auto loan:
  • Your income per month
  • Your work details
  • Address
  • Monthly house payment
  • Age


After you’ve provided all details, you’ll be qualified for pre-approval. The good thing with our application process is that no strings are attached, and you are directed smoothly to the next step.

Don’t let your credit rating stop you from getting an Auto Loan in Kingston!

We’ve made it smooth for everyone to get on the road with the vehicle of their dreams. 401 Auto RV helps you make the right decision while others stop you from getting an auto loan in Kingston. A bad credit car loan is similar to a regular loan but with different financial terms. No matter what type of credit rating you have, bad credit, no credit, poor credit, or bankruptcy, we help our customers find the right finance deals.

Here are some key points of our services that set us apart:

Easy online application

Our online application is effortless and provides a speedy way of pre-approval. You can get approved the same day after the application!

Huge selection of vehicles

We have a large variety of vehicles- whether you want a car, van, SUV or truck of any make and model, we have an extensive collection to cater to your needs

$0 down payment

Our zero down payment services will allow you to buy high-quality vehicles without immediate funds. This way, you’ll be able to free up money for other regular expenses.

Free delivery anywhere in Ontario

Our auto loan service is the most affordable because it offers free delivery anywhere in Ontario. So get approved anywhere in Ontario and start driving your car within two days!


We Make Auto Financing Easy


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