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401 Auto Financing was founded in 2011 to offer Millions of hardworking Canadians access to the Auto Financing choices they deserve. With locations All Across Ontario, our super quick and easy Financing Approval Application takes only minutes to get a car loan approval. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to bad credit and what the banks consider “high risk”. Afterall, we need a car to get to work don’t we? Whether you are looking for a car loan, RV, boat or powersports, 401 Auto Financing will match you with a lender who can help. 100% CANADIAN OWNED. When getting your next car loan through 401 Auto Financing, you will get to meet with ACTUAL DEALERSHIPS and actual Licensed Financial Specialists, who will concentrate on getting you the best car loan possible, not just trying to sell you a car. Whether buying online or in person, 401 Auto Financing is Canada’s #1 choice for car loans, Real Canadians helping Real Canadians.

So, whatever is your preferred brand, we have a customized solution for every budget. We are proud to be the one-stop shop for all your services and parts.

We do not remember the days. We remember the moments. Live in the moment and step into one of our locations today!

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