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How To Buy A Car From The Comfort Of Your Home?

How To Buy A Car From The Comfort Of Your Home?

Is it possible to purchase a car without leaving home and spending hours at the dealership? The quickest answer is yes.

Not only can you search for a car online, comparing features and prices, but you can also buy it without stepping outside your home.

Here’s the most brilliant step-by-step guide to doing so – all from the comfort of your couch:

Step 1: Research Online 

The entire process should begin with online research. First of all, decide which car brand you prefer. Next, compare different models and features to narrow down your options.

Then, get quotes from different auto dealers, compare them and choose the most suitable one. There are several reliable tools available online that enable you to compare different car options easily. In addition, you can check customer satisfaction, safety ratings, and other data points.

Step 2: Choose the Car

Once you explore all your car options, choose the best one depending on your personal preferences and needs. Of course, a genuine financier or dealership can help you with this too.

At 401 Auto Financing, we give you many options and help you choose your dream car, SUV, or van. So, you can confidently rely on us even when finding the right vehicle per your taste.

Step 3: Finances 

Most people opt for an auto loan when buying a car. This is mainly because they can’t pay the cash upfront for the vehicle. In such a situation, those with poor credit give up because they believe they won’t get approved for the loan. However, even those with a good credit score often struggle to get a car loan for several reasons.

We at 401 Auto Financing make it possible for you to buy your dream car. Regardless of your credit history, we can get you behind the wheel. Again, you don’t need to visit us as the whole process takes place online.

Just a few clicks and you’re done! This is because of our extensive network of reputed dealerships and lenders nationwide.

How 401 Auto Financing Helps Getting a Car Loan Easily?

We prioritize people, not their credit scores. We aim to get everyone driving in the car of their dreams. Unfortunately, many car dealers often dismiss car buyers with poor credit scores. Instead, they use an automated lender process to judge people’s ability to own a car. This should not be the case!

At 401 Auto Financing, we believe there could be many reasons behind a poor credit history. Maybe, you have lost your highly-paid job.

When you choose us, we can get you a car loan for any credit. We set up your financing and help you buy an excellent new or used vehicle you dream of buying.

We’ve experience in helping credit-challenged car buyers with:

  • No credit/first-time borrower
  • Writing bad checks
  • Bankruptcy or consumer proposal
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Repossessions/multiple repossessions
  • Missing payments
  • New to Canada


Our vast network consists of the country’s best lenders and dealers, and we can tailor harmful credit car loan programs as it suits you. Our certified local dealers bring you an impressive inventory of cars, SUVs, and other vehicles in all price ranges. In addition, our talented in-house staff will assist you from the beginning to the end of your car-buying process.

So, contact the 401 Auto Financing team now! With our great team and fast car loan approval, you could be driving your car today. Call us, send an email, or fill out our online inquiry form.


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