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How Brant Residents Get Easy Auto Loans

How Brant Residents Get Easy Auto Loans

Getting an auto loan can be challenging, especially if your credit score is not so good. It may be challenging even if you have a stable job and income history. Most lenders think applicants with a history of high debt, late payments, repossessions, or bankruptcy may default on the loan. So, they often avoid dealing with them.

At 401 Auto Financing, we think differently. We keep you as a person and your credit score separately. We believe bad credit shouldn’t stand in your way of getting any desired vehicle, be it a car, van, SUV, or commercial truck. 

Why Finance with 401 Auto Financing?

While it’s true that having a low credit score can make the auto loan approval process more challenging – it’s still very possible.

We are a specialized auto finance lender with the ability to custom-tailor a car loan to suit your needs. Our topmost priority is ensuring that you find a vehicle in Brant that not only meets your standards but doesn’t cause any trouble to your financial situation. 

Our friendly in-house financing department can help you get the best solution regardless of how low your credit score is. We start by shopping for a used or new car that meets our obligations. After that, we’ll get you started with our pre-qualification form for an auto loan you can afford.

Here’s how you should consider financing with 401 Auto Financing:

    Keep your cash! Enjoy customized auto financing options no matter what your credit score is.
    Save your money! We won’t charge you any application fee. So, start today!
    Save time by using our straightforward and fast application process.
    Get any vehicle you want – a car, truck, SUV, van, or anything.
    No intermediary! No hassles! Apply for the loan and get it credited to your account.


Low or Bad Credit Score Auto Loans

Got a low or bad credit score? You’ve found the right company!

401 Auto Financing offers auto loans to Brant residents with bad credit scores. Since 2010, we’ve been making auto financing to customers with low or bad credit scores. We serve customers with credit problems, prior repossession, bankruptcy, or a low credit score.

We are not a bank or a car dealer. But we have an ever-growing network of the country’s leading car dealers and lenders who make things possible for you. 

Our harmful credit auto loan programs don’t need any down payment. 

Yes, you heard that right! You don’t need to make any down payment to qualify for a low credit score auto loan. You will get your loan amount before you shop for a vehicle, which takes the uncertainty of buying a car when you visit a car dealer. 

All in all, you gain the purchasing power and flexibility enjoyed by a cash buyer before you visit the dealer. It’s your choice to decide on the best vehicle for you, not the dealer’s.

Apply today and get pre-approved for any credit auto financing the same day. 

The pre-qualification application takes 2-3 minutes to complete. Then, we will contact you and let you know if you pre-qualify for an auto loan with bad credit.

You can browse our inventory to find the vehicle you’re looking for, and we will support you through the process. In addition, our customers say that the pre-qualification gives them the confidence to shop around before they even walk through our doors.

Don’t let bad credit stand between you and your vehicle.

Discuss your needs with us and get driving today!


We Make Auto Financing Easy


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