Belleville Easy Auto Loans, For Any Credit Score

Belleville Bad Credit Auto Loan

Are you planning to buy a car but have a less than good credit score? We understand how difficult it can be to get auto financing when you’ve not-so-perfect credit. 

Now, the good news! At 401 Auto Financing, we can get you approved for auto loans, regardless of your credit score, ethically and legally. We understand that a credit score doesn’t define the person it belongs to. That’s why we are more interested in you as a person, but not your credit score. 

We take pride in our passion for serving you and our national network of trusted dealers. This helps us provide easy auto loans in Belleville, regardless of your credit history.

Get Approved – Bad Credit Car Loan


401 Auto Financing offers bad credit auto financing for shoppers with poor credit scores. Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new luxury car, an SUV, a van, or even a commercial truck, we got you covered. Begin your financing process now through our fast and secure online application. 

Our in-house financing team of experts will work out the ideal amount that you can afford and the right term for your loan. It doesn’t require any approval from banks or other financial institutions. We offer guaranteed auto loans that you can be confident of qualifying, thanks to our large network of dealers and lenders. 

How Do Our Any Credit Car Loans Work?


As simple as that – We work with people, not credit scores. Most dealers don’t understand this concept and often turn down car shoppers with bad credit. They rely on an automated lender process that judges you based on a robotic approve/deny system.  

401 Auto Financing, on the other hand, doesn’t turn away any auto buyer just because of a low credit score. A credit score is typically considered ‘low’ if it’s below 600. 

And sadly, many car buyers have low credit scores. Maybe, your income is lower than it had been, or you’ve been struggling to pay dues on time. Perhaps you had to sell your old vehicle to get more money but find it tough to get by without it. There could be so many reasons behind a low credit score.

Don’t worry! We can get you an auto loan for any credit score. We set up your financing and help you find the perfect new or used vehicle you want. 

We’ve experience and expertise in helping credit-challenged auto shoppers with:

  • Missing payments
  • No credit/first-time borrower
  • Repossessions/multiple repossessions
  • Bankruptcy or consumer proposal
  • Writing bad checks
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • New to Belleville, Ontario, or Canada


Why Choose 401 Auto Financing?


Since 2010, we have been helping people in and around Belleville, Ontario, get behind the wheels. Our client testimonials speak of our reputation and service quality.

Our network includes

  • The country’s best lenders offer tailored bad credit auto loan programs. 
  • Certified local dealerships with a huge inventory of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans in all price ranges. 
  • Our dedicated in-house staff knows how to assist people with a low credit score.

$0 Down Payment: We offer zero-down options customized for you.

Get Any Vehicle: Whether you need a truck, SUV, car, or van, our dealers have everything you might be looking for. 

Same-Day Approval: Apply today and get pre-approved for auto financing with any credit on the same day.

Easy-to-Apply: Our online application is simple and hassle-free. It takes just 2 minutes to complete the entire process. 

Once we receive your application, our representative will contact you and work with you until you have finally bought your vehicle. 401 Auto Financing ensures 100% credit approval. 

So, why wait anymore? Call 401 Auto Financing today and get driving.